Elanthy is in more UK Michelin starred restaurants than any other brand

Elanthy extra virgin olive oil

Elanthy extra virgin olive oil has superb flavour and taste and is considered by many, including food writers and influential chefs, to be the finest value for money olive oil on the market.

Elanthy is 100% Greek extra virgin olive oil. Only the best olives from our ancient groves are brought to our mill for first cold pressing. Elanthy is also proven to have more antioxidants than any other brand of extra virgin olive oil.

Elanthy olive oil is supplied for sale in three litre cans which will easily keep for up to two years. Our unique free home delivery service is a great boon in today’s busy life. Take advantage of our bulk discounts to share with your friends – it’s an extremely economical way to buy! Buy olive oil online here.

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